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This Technology contains many systems together. Access to all these systems from a single point is possible.

- Home automation (curtains, lights, gas / water valves, garage door controls),
- Alarm System (motion sensors, door magnetics, and siren),
- Camera System (indoor and outdoor image sensors, and recording devices),
- Audio systems (Home cinema systems and other audio systems),
- Home heating systems (heating and cooling),
- You can easily access your smart home system that contains all this either from a computer connected to the internet, your smartphone or from your tablet and control your system.

A Few of What Smart Home Systems Can Do - It can close the main valve when there is a gas or water leak and inform you,
- It informs you of any security warnings that may occur while you are away from home, and allows you to remotely connect your system and watch your home live with cameras at home.
- It can ventilates your home when you are away,
- It can control all the lights in the house (depending on the level of light outside) from a single point.
- It can draw curtains when it gets dark,
- It can turn off the light and air conditioner, when you are not in the room,
- Depending on the moisture condition in the ground, it can irrigate your garden if necessary,
- It may cut the power of the electrical outlet the iron is connected in the case that you forget,
- For security purposes, according to the programmed scenario, it can light up the lights of different rooms at certain intervals while you are not at home, It can turn on the TV, change the channels, and turn it back off.

Geolocatıon Applıcatıons - When you approach your house, it reaches your location from your Smart Phone, and when you reach a certain distance from your house, it opens the garage door, opens your entrance lights and activates your audio system,
- When you get out of your workplace, it can run the air conditioner and cool or heat your home until you reach your home,
- When you leave the city, it can turn off the combi boiler and take all the equipment in your home in holiday mode and irrigate your garden,

With this system, you can program many more scenarios and at the same time you can control the air conditioner, automatic curtains, vans, audio and video systems you want to control, from the home with the touch control panel of the system or anywhere else you can be with the iPhone, iPad, other mobile devices with Android software, or computers.
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