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Your personal data that you share with our company (Kekova electrical and electronic communication systems foreign trade LTD) and / or is under the protection of our company. In this respect, in accordance with law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data Act, our company takes all necessary technical and administrative precautions by using all its technological and infrastructure facilities to ensure that your personal data is safely stored, accessible and processed in accordance with the law. By law, your personal data is processed by our Company in the capacity of Data Officer in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations including but not limited to the followings. If you entered or filled out the forms, you have read and accepted the following provisions. SafePoint does not publish e-mails, names, surnames, phone numbers of the registered and guest users and any information entered while registration on the site, and does not share it with any business partner, company, institution or other organization unless indicated otherwise by the user. If you do not voluntarily provide us with information that identifies you (e.g. name, address, phone number, or e-mail address), the data will not be collected on our site. If you share personal information on the Site, SafePoint will keep it in accordance with the following purposes.

I. What is Your Personal Data? Your personal data means information that identifies your identity. For our company, your personal data, including but not limited to the followings: Identity information: Personal data such as identity no, place of birth and date of birth, marital status, gender and other identity information, Subscriber information: Customer number, name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, subscription number, type of identity used in the subscription.

II. Purpose of Processing Personal Data Your personal data in accordance with the law can be processed for informing you about promotion of general and special campaigns regarding our company's products and / or services, the terms and conditions of products and / or services, charges and etc., fulfilling all necessary procedures for membership and their use, for your satisfaction and loyalty; making an offer by considering of your usage the products and services and giving information about them, confirming your identity-contact details when necessary, developing of our company's products, using for internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, answering questions, complaints and notices from you, creating a record for the purpose of purchasing a specific service and / or product, delivering / submitting our products and services to the strategic partners who are working with or helping our company while serving you, assessment of your interest in our products and services, investigation of customer satisfaction, keeping your necessary information for the purpose of the service we offer you, copying your information to prevent information loss, backing up, ensuring the consistency of your information, taking all necessary technical and administrative precautions for data security, offering electronic security services and its purposes Including, but not limited to, marketing activities such as diversification of products and services, analysis, promotions, presentation of services of alarm monitoring center, financial reporting, legal proceedings.

III. Transfer of Personal Data Your personal data will not be shared with any corporation and organizations without your permission except for the following cases. Our company only discloses your personal data to third parties under the legal conditions and legal procedures mentioned below.

- In case of a written request from legal authorities in this direction
- In order to protect and defend ownership rights of SafePonit
- In the context of the rules you accept under terms of use

IV. Method of Collecting Personal Data and Its Legal Reason Your personal data in the subscription agreement, our company website, alarm monitoring center, text messaging, electronic mail, mobile applications and any kind of written and oral electronic media, can be collected for the purposes mentioned above and for the purpose of providing electronic security service and all other products and services of our Company within the legal framework.

V. Your Rights related to the Protection of Personal Data In accordance with law no. 6, you have the rights of applying to our company to find out if your personal data has been processed and requesting information about it if it has been processed, learning the aim of processing your personal data and whether it is used appropriately for its purpose, knowing the third parties to which the data is shared with in the country or abroad, requesting correction if the data is missing or processed incorrectly, requesting for your personal data to be deleted or destroyed, in accordance with law no. 7, requesting that third party to whom personal data is shared with would be informed about transactions mentioned above within the rights of correcting, deleting and destroying; making an objection to the consequences emerging against you because of analyzing your personal data by automatic systems only, requesting for compensation for your loss, if you meet a loss because your personal data has been processed in contravention of the law. By the nature of the internet, data can be circulated on the internet without adequate security precaution and can be retrieved and used by unauthorized persons. The usage and the losses emerged by this usage are not the responsibility of SafePoint. You can send your requests with the implementation of the law and any questions about personal data to Kekova electrical and electronic communication systems foreign trade LTD., Darülaceze cad. Ekşioğlu iş merkezi A blok no 36 kat 6 daire 10 Okmeydanı- Şişli İSTANBUL as written or call on 0850 200 80 50.
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