Integrated Security SystemsNo point to be seen at work
We are also at your side for your corporate security and comprehensive control system needs. We meet all the needs of your workplace with our latest technology products.
Intercom (Door Display System) Intercom systems enable you to see visitors coming to your home or workplace on the screen and communicate with them visually and in audio.

Card Pass Systems Due to the installed card access system, movements and entrances and exits of vehicles, people or materials within a plant / region are arranged and monitored. As well as that the entry permit of employees and visitors can be managed and monitored, vehicles' entrances and exits to the parking area or the shipment can also be monitored. The information received from the Card Access System provides data to be basis for the working, payment documents and payroll.

Person Counting Systems The latest image processing systems are used in the person counting systems that will be set up after a professional inspection in your place. Due to the technology used, the system offers comprehensive person counting and traffic analysis combined with detailed and web based reporting software. Reports can be made entering username and password at any time.

Environmental Security Systems The system can be installed in all places such as villas, public housing, factories, warehouses, military headquarters, border police stations and prisons where security precautions such as walls, wire citations and iron bars are taken and environment safety is needed. The environmental security system is an early warning system for detecting movements for unauthorized transitions. The place harassed by person or people not allowed to pass is to alarm from the virtual map on the environmental security system monitor. Due to the camera system that is connected to the system, the nearest camera is automatically triggered by the incoming alarm zooming on the problematic point, while it is being displayed on the monitor of the camera system and automatically being recorded at the same time. Since the system is network based, it can be monitored from any part of the world. Sensitivity settings allow the system to separate people from animals.

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